Services Alarm Installation Services and Closed Circuit Video Systems Armidale & Northern Tablelands Security offers a complete range of security products and services. Armidale & Northern Tablelands Security is affiliated with the finest names in electronic alarm installation. Armidale & Northern Tablelands Security Pty Ltd can arrange all aspects for the procurement and installation of modern alarm equipment and CCTV to meet all your requirements and budgets.


Alarm Monitoring Services Armidale & Northern Tablelands Security implements a Grade 1 monitoring station that provides 24x7 protection. A feature of the Grade 1 monitoring system is prompt and effective response to all activated alarms or duress systems. When alarms are activated, highly trained control room operators dispatch the nearest vehicle to site to ensure the shortest possible response time.


Alarm Service and Maintenance Armidale & Northern Tablelands Security maintains and services all security systems installed by our highly qualified technicians. In addition Keevers Security offers servicing of existing systems. Our qualified technicians ensure that your system is maintained and repaired promptly and without fuss.


Cash and Payroll Escorts Armidale & Northern Tablelands Security provide trained guards to carry, deliver and protect your cash needs. We provide experienced cash escorts for a variety of companies and individuals. Armidale & Northern Tablelands Security takes the risk away from proprietors and staff in providing the highest levels of security for cash escorts.


Mobile Security Patrols and Mobile Alarm Responses Armidale & Northern Tablelands Security have a range of prominent mobile patrol vehicles to provide a quality Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response service. Mobile patrols provide a reliable, highly visible, on site presence that detects and deters burglary and acts of vandalism. Armidale & Northern Tablelands Security trained and experienced Security Officers are adept at familiarising themselves with new sites and recognising irregularities. The mobile patrol service provides for both scheduled and unscheduled checks of the premises. All client premises are fitted with discreet electronic recording devices which record the activities of the Security Officers. These patrol recorders allow convenient access to patrol activity reports. If in the event of an intruder alarm activation a Mobile Alarm Response Officer is available to respond to the situation and take the appropriate action.